Toma Coffee

TOMA COFFEE exist since 2015. It plays great role in coffee chain supply and production.

Moreover, TOMA COFFEE deals with the following Specialty Coffee that are produced in different part of Ethiopia.  

  • Harar
  • Yirgachaffee
  • Limu
  • Sidama
  • Jimma

To this end, the TOMA COFFEE give special care about the customer taste and preference through quality control of coffee production. Hence, the company address the challenge and hardship through deploying advanced technology that ensure the smooth collection, slow roasting and proper packaging that maintain the quality of the coffee.  

TOMA COFFEE is stands and part in global network advocacy for fair trade and support the coffee grower and customer’s values for money by giving fair price to the coffee.

TOMA COFFEE has 15 years of experience in handling and managing coffee business.  


Toma Coffee will play a take active role in economic transformation and development undertaking in Ethiopia.


Toma Coffee focus on technological advancement and productivity enhancement mechanism


Promote Fair trade, ensure coffee traceability, and transparency


Toma Coffee PLC will strive to facilitate coffee grower knowledge, skills, and creativity to improve their livelihood and wellbeing.

Toma Coffee PLC support coffee grower associations and individual to get their fair share of the products through awareness raising, consultation and advice to change the well being of the communities.

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